The congregation at the Fossil Creek Church of Christ, host of the annual Texas Labor Day Meeting, thanks everybody who attended for making the 2014 meeting all that it was.

First, thank you to the preachers – Matt Trent, Jerry Dickinson, Clint De France, Bruce Roebuck, Kevin Presley and Ronny Wade – for delivering excellent gospel sermons that challenged us, encouraged us, exhorted and rebuked us. Saints are made better by hearing God’s Word. And the Truth is delivered to sinners, giving us all the opportunity to be freed from sin. We pray that anybody not yet in the body of Christ, His Church, will think on these sermons and obey the Truth. And we pray all Christians can return home encouraged in the fight.

Next, we’d like to thank all who led songs and worded the prayers. As with all God authorized worship, these two components help us fulfill our duties to God. Both serve to give God the glory He so deserves, but they also inspire us to greater fidelity in our service. A special thanks to Kevin for sending us the new songbook, Ceaseless Praise, to use during the meeting. It was especially nice to see Johnny Elmore, a man who once worked with our congregation years ago, lead a song (page 111 in Ceaseless Praise), “Soon.” It was a poignant moment in view of Johnny’s recent losses. And he led it as he always does, with a style all his own.

We also want to thank YOU for coming to attend the meeting. Families go to great expense to take time off, to travel, stay in hotels, dine out and all the miscellaneous expenses that go with taking a trip. Thank you for investing your time, effort and money to attend the meeting.

A special thank you to the young people who attended this year. The Lord’s Church is blessed with many young Christians. Meetings such as this one provide an opportunity for them to get to know one another better and to realize there are other faithful young people serving God. We hope the young people will continue to grow and learn more of God’s Word so they mature in the Faith and help their home congregation become stronger. Be strong in the Lord. Stand fast. Those of us who are older encourage you to guard your heart and behave as God wants. We heard good reports this year and we applaud you for living godly lives.

Thanks to Ronny for assisting us each year. He holds a special place in our hearts at Fossil Creek. In the years prior to 2000 as our congregation was diligently working through the process of establishing the eldership, Ronny served as our guide and help. And although he’s always been a “Ft. Worth boy” Ronny has assisted our congregation with his preaching, his wisdom and counsel even more so in recent years. We thank him for helping us conduct this annual meeting. And Lord willing, with Ronny’s help, we’ll soon begin putting the pieces into place to make next year’s meeting – the 2015 Texas Labor Day Meeting – even better!

Finally, we’d like to thank the staff of the Grapevine Convention Center and the Comfort Inn, our host hotel. These two facilities are crucial to our ability to conduct this meeting as we do. We thank them for their help.

Pray for each other. Pray for the work. Pray that the Truth may continue to have bountiful opportunities to go forth into all the world.


Ronny F. Wade
Ronny F. Wade
(photo courtesy of Andrew Weaver)

Ronny Wade has been commissioned by the congregation to conduct each worship service. All the services are conducted at the Grapevine Convention Center in Grapevine, Texas. Lord’s Day morning services are conducted at all area congregations. Consult your church directory for more details.

Hotel Accommodations

comfort-inn-logo The Comfort Inn continues to be our host hotel. They are directly south of the Convention Center making their location especially convenient. Call 817.329.9300 and identify yourself as attending the Texas Labor Day Meeting.

Here is a list of hotels in Grapevine to fit any budget.

The City of Grapevine, Texas

Thanks to the City of Grapevine for the ability to rent the Convention Center annually. Grapevine is a great location for the meeting and we’re pleased to be able to continue the meeting at this same location each year.

You can find additional hotels and local attractions at the Grapevine Tourism website.